10 Must Know Account Manager Interview Questions

The account managers’ role is focused on maintaining and expanding the company’s customer base for an organization. The account manager regularly interacts with the existing customer, and proposes to them the prospect of new customers, give offers, negotiate with them, and close the deals, to ensure a greater deal of customer satisfaction and company profits. He/she has the duty to provide a regular report of their actions, on sales, and other strategies to the managers above them.

Here are the 10 must-know account manager interview questions, you shouldn’t miss.

Q1. What is your take on define teamwork and communication as an account manager?

You work on two fronts, as an account manager: the client, and the organization. To manage both you need to have excellent communication skills. I need to earn the trust of both the clients and the manager, to convince both sides and close the deals at the earliest.

Teamwork is more related to coordinating actions with the company, the developments, the sales, and the other marketing departments.

Q2. What makes you a successful account manager?

I am confident in answering when success is the goal we have. I utilize all my skills to identify the key concepts to meet certain objectives and apply my communications, negotiation skills, my market researches, customer prospecting, etc, to find the best roadmap to lead a company forward. I am prudent in my decisions and work assiduously to the growth of the company in its whole.

Q3. What do you do to increase revenues?

To increase the revenue I use all the information at had to maintain and increase the clients’ interest.

To get this done, I keep updating myself, doing market research constantly. This helps me to understand what the customer wants, what displeases them, and find out what might please them.

All this information has to be coordinated with the company’s various departments to develop a product that keeps the customers.

Q4. What according to you are the most important qualities of an account manager?

I do feel that an account manager should be confident, should have self-awareness, and a great deal of independence. He/ She should not hesitate to speak out from the mind confidently when it comes to the growth of the company. Ability to work independently, and to make decisions in crucial times, is an essential trait for an account manager. One should also be organized; self-motivated and have the patience to handle a variety of customers.

Q5. What is important to effective market analysis?

I believe in doing research on a regular basis, in relation to every category of clients, or an individual client. When one does thorough research it helps to assess the current situation of a project, the further developments of projects, and exploring the opportunities for the company. It lets you studies competitors and proposes other improvements.

Q6. What aspects of your workability would you like to improve upon?

I feel there is any room for improvement in my working ability. This job requires to be skilled in a number of areas. And it requires constant improvement. My previous position included a large part of work in sales. I managed to improve extensively to improve my sales techniques, and also improve my overall performance as an account manager.

Q7. What motivates you to perform your best?

My motivation comes from leading a company forward and updating myself with new learning every day. It is the ability to give my contribution to the company and working on my abilities keeps me motivated.

Q8. How Would You Go About Upselling an Existing Client?

Here are my steps for Upselling an Existing Client:

  • Ask the client about the current workforce and workstreams
  • Learn about the number of people working for the project
  • The time and money spent on building it
  • Learn the challenges and plans, and try to make it easier for them
  • Let them know the reason why they should require additional services from our company

Q9. What Is Your Process for Closing a New Client?

  • Make research, if the client is using any competitive services
  • Look into the competitors’ website and check press releases
  • Offer the best price or offer more for our price, and share the difference
  • Ask what they like about the competitors, and what they don’t like
  • Explain how our company could do it differently, and what additional things we can offer them

 Q10. How Do You Build Good Client Relationships?

  • Do research on the company and the person I would be speaking to
  • Understand the background; find out the challenges of the company
  • Introduce myself to the client, and our company’s aspirations
  • Convey the client what impressed me about them or something we have in common
  • Ask questions, and listen to how to understand their project

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